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In my work I demonstrate visual tricks either followed by or consisting of the wordplay, where the title itself occasionally becomes an object. 

I also widely use smiley symbol in my practice as it is a main sign of international language. Sad or happy the symbol serves as a global icon of communication, transcending linguistic, cultural, and geographic boundaries.

I believe that the wordplay, also known as a pun, is a fundamental and highly influential component of modern culture. It is a form of online expression that combines humor, wit, and often a touch of absurdity, and serves as a versatile tool to convey these elements effectively. This form of communication connects people from various cultures and backgrounds through shared jokes and references. Wordplay is a dynamic and essential element of meme culture. It often involves the creation of new words or phrases. These terms may be intentionally misspelled, abbreviated, or combined in unconventional ways to evoke humor or to simplify communication.

Wordplay is not limited to text; it's also expressed visually. Memes use clever juxtapositions, visual puns, and image-text combinations to deliver punchlines. 

It adds a layer of creativity and humor to online communication, making memes not only entertaining but also a form of artistic expression.

With a background in architecture I seek to invent unusual techniques which shows both conceptual approach and concise production.

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