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With a background in architecture, I mainly work with objects and installations. I changed the scale from urban to interior, and now I feel the spot. Following the rule that design solves a problem, but art expresses a feeling or idea, then the viewer sometimes doesn’t determine which area of artistic practice my work belongs to. The functionality of my pieces is not a priority, but the concept is, to provoke thought and emotion. Although I often use materials from the field of interior design. I strongly believe in the idea of an organic synthesis of all art forms: the juxtaposition and interaction of the physical objects around us generates new meaning, new scenarios in which we are living. Thus my practice is balancing on the edge of art and design where the border is blurred nowadays. As I spend a lot of time at home with my kids, there are also many references to the items of home environment. 

Irony is a particularly valuable tool for me. By combining it with purity of thought, I present my perception of the world of objects in the age of fakes and illusions where the boundary is ephemeral too. In the post-truth era our emotions replace analytical conclusions: everything is not what it seems, and facts have less impact than their interpretations. The link between truth and reality is apparently broken.

I explore a wide range of subjects, from fairy tales to post-Internet culture. I utilize unusual materials and ‘marry’ them with traditional practices such as knitting and embroidery. Visually, I tend not to overload my works with extra details. In a single piece there is a minimum number of giggles, preferably simple ones. My artworks demonstrate straightforward messages as I am trying to be sincere. I believe that is reflected accurately in the most titles of my projects. 

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