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'Puns and Smileys' is the title that perfectly matches my practice.


I widely use the smiley symbol in my work, the main sign of the international language. Whether sad or happy, the symbol appears as a global icon of communication, transcending linguistic, cultural, and geographic boundaries.


I also create visual tricks that are either followed by or consist of wordplay, where the title itself occasionally becomes an object. Wordplay, also known as puns, is a dynamic element of meme culture, often involving the creation of new words or phrases through typos, abbreviations, and unconventional combinations. They connect people from various cultures and backgrounds through shared jokes and references. Additionally, memes add a layer of creativity and humor to online interactions, making them not only entertaining but also a form of artistic expression.


As well as art itself, both puns and smileys belong to the universal language and particularly resonate with me as an immigrant.


With a background in architecture, I seek to invent unusual techniques that showcase both a conceptual approach and concise production. I don’t limit the media in my work, as it needs to match and mimic the artwork's concept first.

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