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With a background in architecture I mainly work with objects and installations. I strongly believe in the idea of an organic synthesis of all art forms, thus my practice is balancing on the edge of art and design where the border is blurred nowadays. Irony is a particularly valuable tool for me. By combining it with purity of thought, I present my perception of the world of objects in the age of fakes and illusions where the boundary is ephemeral too. In the post-truth era our emotions replace analytical conclusions: everything is not what it seems, and facts have less impact than their interpretations. The link between truth and reality is apparently broken.

My work demonstrates visual tricks presented by images either followed by or consists of the word play, where the title itself occasionally becomes an object. I seek to invent new unusual technics, which shows both conceptual approach and concise production. Visually, I tend not to overload my works with extra details. In a single piece there is a minimum number of giggles, preferably simple ones. 

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